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The Idaho Genealogical Society has published a collection of recipes in a cookbook titled"150 Years of Idaho Cooking", in honor of the Idaho Territorial Sesquicentennial. The book includes a number of recipes from Idaho's historical past, including interesting notes and anecdotes about the recipe or its contributor. Visit the IGS Publications page to order, or Click Here!

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Payette County
Established: 2/28/1917

Parent County: Canyon

Co. Seat: Cities
Payette: Fruitland, New Plymouth

Established February 28, 1917, with its county seat at Payette. Payette was originally settled as a railroad camp in
the 1860s and called Boomerang for the log boom on the Payette River. The site, and the community which grew
around it, was later named in honor of the area's first white settler, Francois Payette, a Canadian fur trapper and
explorer with the North West Company who arrived in 1818.

County Clerk:
1130 3rd Ave. N., Rm. 104, Payette, ID 83661-2473 Phone: (208) 642-6000 Fax: (208) 642-6011

IGS Publication: Summer/Fall/Winter 2006