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Boise County Cemetery Assessment

Casner Family
Centerville Catholic
Chinese Cemetery
Coulter Grave (Lone Grave)
Dagget Creek Cemetery
Dunnigan Cemetery
A Forest Ranger (Lone Grave)
Garden Valley Pioneer
Gardner Family Plot
Getty Family Cemetery
Graham Cemetery
Grimes Pass Cemetery
Hank Harvey Grave
Highlands Cemetery
John Jackson (Lone Grave)
Loggers Graves
Lowman Memorial Cemetery (aka Eight Mile)
Mack's Creek (Lone Grave)
Miner Grave (Lone Grave)
Old Centerville, or IOOF (Odd Fellows)
Oregon Trail (Lone Grave)
Pioneer (Horseshoe Bend)
Pioneer (Idaho City)
Ross Fork Miner (Lone grave)
Rudolph Homestead
Schilling Property Graves
Shepard Grave (Lone Grave)
Upper Clear Creek
John Vaughn (Lone Grave)