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Cemetery Assessment Project

To commemorate our 50th anniversary in 2008, the Idaho Genealogical Society took on a sizeable project to gather information on each cemetery, isolated gravesite, and lone grave in the State of Idaho.

As the information is received it is posted on our website under the appropriate county site. It contains location (GPS and lat-long), contact person or agency, and additional, relevant materials. Some reports include valuable information such as cause of death or photographs.

IGS is most thankful for all the help and cooperation received from individuals, genealogy groups, and historical groups throughout the state.

Interested in volunteering your time and talent to the Cemetery Assessment Project?

Cemetery Assessment Project

To view the progress to date, you can go to the
Counties page (on the "Collections" menu), click the link for the county of interest, and click the "Cemeteries" link near the bottom of the page.